Custom Printed & Cut Self-Adhesive Polyester

Custom Printed & Cut Self-Adhesive Polyester

An outdoor grade self-adhesive polyester, custom printed and cut to shape. Suitable for serial number labels, device branding, panel facias, component labelling and much, much more.

Whether you want 1x label or 40x labels, we charge per 100mm x 100mm block of material printed not per label. Get ingenious; see what you can squeeze into a single block of polyester!

Labels can be cut to any size or shape with a maximum single label size of 100mm x 400mm. Whilst there are no minimum label sizes, we'd recommend no smaller than 5mm x 5mm otherwise you'll be needing tweezers to work with them. Cuts can be both outline and inset, it's a simple as drawing 0.1pt lines and putting them on a separate layer.

Available in 3M grey with contrasting black or white print. Contact us if you need different print colours, different types of polyester or larger volumes.

Buying your polyester is simple:

  1. pick the polyester colour you want
  2. enter the multiples of 100mm x 100mm blocks you want
  3. checkout as normal
  4. after checkout, we'll contact you to discuss your artwork

Note: Artwork must be supplied in PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator formats. We can produce artwork or modify existing artwork for a nominal fee. If in doubt, please contact us first.

Technical Reference
Height 100mm
Length 100mm
Material 3M Polyester w/Self-Adhesive Backing
RoHS Compliant
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MB.93.201.01 Colour: Grey In Stock £8.50
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