Steel & Aluminium Electronics Enclosure

2121 Series Enclosure

We're in love with these enclosures. Perfect for any of your projects, whether housing your 3D printer electronics, a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino with a stack of shields, a CBUS DCC controller or even as the body of your robot.

With aluminium front and rear panels and rugged cold-rolled steel top, bottom and side panels, they're a perfect balance between strength and weight. The side panels feature slotted brackets, perfect for PCB and tray mounting; the top, bottom and side panels also feature honeycomb venting (excluding the side panels on the smaller versions).

Getting access to your electronics is easy; removing six screws allows you to remove the top or bottom panel - no need to strip the enclosure down or pull boards out. With your electronics mounted on the side rails, they can also be easily extracted once the top or bottom panel is removed.

The aluminium front and rear panels make customisation easy - later this summer we also plan to offer faceplate cutting and stamping (one-off and low volume), contact us for more information.

We hate beige. We really do, so finding enclosures that are actually grey is amazing - normally they're just shades of beige and brown. With powder coated (with an iron phosphate pre-treatment) dark grey top, bottom and side panels and light grey front and rear panels, they can be easily repainted or covered with vinyl adhesive wrap or polyester labels as needed.

We have also designed a range of PDF templates for our polyester and vinyl label print services based around these enclosures, see our print services or contact us for more information.

The enclosures are in standard sizes to conform with IEC297 (we also have enclosures that conform to DIN 41494 Eurocard and IEC 60297-3/IEE1101.10-11 Subrack standards) and are available in a combination of five heights, two depths and three widths.

The enclosure is flat pack, though assembly is easy; the case slots together and requires only 12 screws. All hardware is provided included rubber feet.

Technical Reference
Height 1.5U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U
Material 1.2mm Aluminium & 0.9mm Cold-rolled Steel
Width 203mm, 305mm and 432mm
Depth 178mm and 279mm
RoHS Compliant
Finish Powder Coated & Iron Phosphate Pre-Treated
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