About MakerBase

Desperate for the bits and pieces we needed for our projects, we found ourselves struggling to find manufacturers, forced to import and even having to buy in bulk, just to source a single component for our hobby projects. Imagine our frustration when we needed lots of different components.

So, we thought we'd make it a little easier for our fellow makers...

The Store

The MakerBase Store

Everybody loves a bargain and we're no different. We aim to offer the best prices around and strive to find the best bargains for you.

  • New product lines every fortnight.
  • Every month a selection of limited stock products with big discounts.
  • We aim to source all of our products direct from British, European, American and Japanese manufacturers.
  • News, reviews and how-to guides; helpful and informative content to help you get the best out of our products for your projects.
  • Products for hobby, prototype, R&D and for small-scale manufacture.
  • Get access to great products, at great prices, with great support.
The People

The MakerBase People

Run by people that make, for people that make (and are fussy about the stuff they buy). Founded in 2013 by Jon McCoy (Twitter), we're a small business, run by a tightly knit team and proud of the fact.

Want a chat? Feel free to send us a message!

The Products

Carefully Selected Products

With premium and economy options across many of our product ranges to fit your project and budget.

  • Electronics parts and kits
  • Development boards and interfaces
  • Test equipment and tools
  • Connectors, cables and terminals
  • Mechanical parts
  • Robotics kits and parts
  • 3D printer kits and parts
  • Enclosures, chassis and cases

the place to go for people that make

Lots of great products for robotics, home automation, model trains, R&D, prototyping, small-scale manufacture, 3D printing, CNC, energy, environmental monitoring, R/C vehicles...

About Us

We source, make and sell a curated range of products for electronics development, robotics, 3D printing, model automation, home automation and just about any other project you have in mind.

Customer Service

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